Bring Home Letscool Rechargeable Battery Powered WiFi Camera Today For $44 (17 Percent OFF)

Letscool Wireless Camera for Home Security

Pick up the Letscool Rechargeable Battery Powered WiFi Camera today at Amazon for $44. Normally selling for $52.89, today’s offer allows you to save directly 17 percent without applying any special discount code.

This cable-free wireless camera for home security gives you more power, flexibility, and freedom in its installation. And this camera is powered by a rechargeable battery that can last up to 25 months after being fully charged (when triggered 10 times per day). In addition, we will notify you via the Adorcam app when the battery is low, so you don’t forget to charge it.

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This wire-free camera has a built-in microphone and speaker, allowing you to hear and speak through it using the “Adorcam” app. When the need arises, this unique feature will provide you with additional evidence (such as voices). You can also share your camera with multiple family members by using multiple accounts.

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When it comes to your safety, don’t be left in the dark. Our app uses motion-activated push notifications to keep you up to date on what’s going on. Alerts will be sent directly to your smartphone or tablet, giving you peace of mind that you can check in on the kids after school or make sure that the package you were expecting has arrived.

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It’s a 24-hour operation to keep your loved ones and property safe. You have a set of eyes at the ready all night long with our wire-free security camera. This outdoor security camera’s infrared night vision capabilities allow it to see through the darkness of night to ensure your home’s safety.

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