$24 AUKEY USB C Power Strip With 18W Power Delivery is A Must Have For Modern Smartphones, Laptop & Tablets

Amazon offers the USB-C power strip of AUKEY with 8 AC outlets and more with 18W USB power for $23.99. This popular power-based supplement usually sells up to $30, which means an impressive saving of 27 percent.

This is actually one power strip that gives most people the exact expansion and versatility that they will need. This AUKEY power strip is used to charge things like smartphones and keep other smaller appliances powered instead of receiving one dual socket adapter to give you access to one or both of one another AC outlets. It gives you immediate access to eight AC outlets, 1 USB-C port with 18W electricity delivery, and 2 USB-A ports, which can also change things like smartphones.

AUKEY has actually thought about how it can be used in the real world. One interesting thing about this hardware. There may be 8 AC outlets but not all are equally designed. The company has left additional space between two of the AC outlets in order for some manufacturers to accommodate these bulkier, hectic plugs. It’s the small things that matter to some people, and it is certainly one of these things that some people will appeal to.

The AUKEY solution also features integrated security features. The integrated safeguards safeguard your devices from excessive current, overheating and overloading so you always have a good hand and can remove any concerns or stress while connected to your device. It features a 5-foot cable and can load a huge 11 devices simultaneously, a space-saving plug and a handy LED display to let you know that it’s power-saving and ready to go.

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