$22 HooToo USB C 4 in 1 Hub For Laptops Drops To Just $6 Only

It seems dumb that we have entered 2020 and it’s more a struggle now than in years to connect multiple devices to your machine. All must be connected and your computer probably doesn’t have adequate ports to manage it all. But your peripherals need not be replaced with any new devices that can wirelessly connect to them. Instead, spend $6 on this HooToo USB-C 4-port hub and do more on space.

Usually up to $22, but it will drop your total amount to $5.99 at Amazon by applying coupon code HTHUB005 during check-out! This is the best deal for this hub we’ve seen. Since it was released first, it hasn’t sold too often.

A single USB-C port is split into four USB-A ports by this compact USB hub. It also supports the transfer of data up to 5Gbps in speed. In just a few seconds that is fast enough to transfer an HD movie. The robust aluminum alloy package helps dispel heat, a great benefit as adapters such as these have a reputation for quick heating and slow cooling. The footprint is compact and lightweight so that your desk won’t take up too much space. In Amazon, there are more than 200 customer reviews, and in total they have been positive so far, making the hub an average of 4.2 of 5 stars.

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