2020 Prime Day is Official (13 & 14 October)

Prime Day 2020

The news that you were waiting for finally arrived: Prime Day 2020 is official! The retailer confirmed several key details about its 2020 sales event and announced Sunday morning that Prime Day 2020 will run on October 13 and October 14.

For over a month rumors have been floating that Prime Day 2020 will take place this year in October. Obviously, in July, when Prime Day normally takes place, things were still quite crazy.

prime day 2020

Although there are still new reports of coronavirus cases in the United States, there are some significant variations between the coronavirus pandemic and the one in July. As far as Amazon and Prime Day are concerned, the major difference is that the country was largely solved during the summer in terms of production and supply shortfalls. In fact, even in most stores across the country, you can find hard-to-find coronavirus prevention essential in Amazon

Naturally, Prime Day 2020 doesn’t deal with the critical coronavirus. Prime Day is all about killer deals, from cooking products and headphones to home products, robot vacuums, smart home gadgets, Amazon appliances, and more.

So, what can you expect from the 2020 Prime Day? Right now, bookmark this page: Amazon’s Prime Day 2020 hub. There you will find lots of information about the next shopping event along with examples of Prime Day deals available. As the Prime Day 2020 approaches, some early Prime Day sales can even be found on that page. More information is also available in the Prime Day press release just published in the Amazon press center.

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In terms of the specific product types that you can expect for sale at deep Prime Day 2020 discounts, here are some highlights on the basis of past sales and all we know so far:

• There will be A TON of deals on Amazon devices that will all be found at this page on Amazon’s site.

• You can also expect to see the first discounts on brand new Amazon devices that were just announced last week, like the completely redesigned Echo and Echo Dot speakers as well as a new Fire TV Stick, the Fire TV Stick Lite, and more.

• Killer deals on popular Apple products like iPhonesAirPods Pro and AirPods 2iPad and iPad Pro models, Apple Watch models, MacBook and MacBook Pro models, Apple accessories, and more.

• Deep discounts on noise-canceling headphones from Sony and Bose, possibly including the first-ever discount on the jaw-dropping Sony WH1000XM4 headphones that were just released.

• The lowest prices of the year on Instant Pots and other multi-use cookers.

• Deep discounts on best-selling weighted blankets that everyone should have as we head into the winter.

That is of course only the tip of the iceberg, and of course, all the hottest Prime Day 2020 deals that reached Amazon will be covered by us. Recall that the action is starting at midnight PT on 13 October and ending on 14 October at 11:59 PM PT and that you obviously need to be a subscriber to Amazon Prime, so that Prime Day prices can be obtained from Amazon’s site during the two-days Prime Day 2020 event. And don’t forget to bookmark the Amazon’s Prime Day 2020 Hub.

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