$20 Lets You Fast Charge Your iPhone 8 – iPhone XS Max

Apple’s iPhones have all been supporting 18W fast charging over the past few years, which is amazing. But with its iPhones, Apple only includes cheap 5W chargers in the boxes, which is definitely not great.

You’ll have to pay about $50 to get them from Apple if you want to buy the USB-C to Lightning cable and 18W USB-C wall charger and charge your iPhone more than three times faster. That’s ridiculous because today we have a pair of sales for you to get the same result for less than half the price.

Use the UGREEN493 coupon code at checkout and you can pick up a UGREEN USB-C to Lightning Cable for only $6.99. Then, for just $13.29, clip the 5 percent coupon to snag a UGREEN 18W USB-C charger and you’ll be charging your iPhone quickly for just $20.28!

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