iPhone: 2-Pack Seneo 15W Wireless Chargers For $19

Without applying any special discount code at the checkout, you can get the 2-pack Seneo Wireless Chargers 15W for $18.77. Today’s offer allows you to save directly 25 percent on the original price.

Upgraded USB-C connector and 3.3ft/1.2M USB-C to USB-A charge cable (included) provide a more stable, faster, and safer charging experience than traditional Micro USB cable. It’s always right side up thanks to its reversible USB-C connector, no matter which way you plug it in, preventing port damage and improving battery life.

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The two coils included within the device provide a larger wireless charging area and faster-charging speed. Your phone may be fully charged in 3 hours thanks to exclusive ATB technology that offers superior heat dissipation and charging efficiency. To keep you and your gadgets safe, the intelligent chip features temperature regulation, over-charge, over-voltage, and foreign object protection.

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Most cases up to 5mm (0.2inch) thick are compatible. Magnetic or metal attachments that interfere with wireless charging should be removed. The soft LED indicator lets you know the state of your phone as soon as it’s placed on the stand and doesn’t wake up light sleepers. The charger is solid thanks to the slip-resistant base, which keeps your phone in place.

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