$18 ESR 30W PD Charger is All You Need To Fast Charge Your iPhone Or iPad

A more efficient charger can make your phone power up much faster. The ESR 30W USB-C Wall Charger works almost three times faster than standard chargers for devices that are supported by Power Delivery. Today you can select one from Amazon for only $17.99 by cutting the coupon into your product page. It saves you $8 off your regular price, taking the USB-C charger down to one of the best prices yet.

This lightweight 30W USB-C wall charger detects automatically which device is connected to ensure the best charge. This also prevents your devices from being overloaded. The adapter has a foldable connector that makes it smaller when it has to be packed back. Moreover, its sturdy exterior makes it a safe option for your journeys.

With this charger, power-delivery enabled devices can reach 50 percent in only 30 minutes, but other devices can also be charged. ESR offers an 18-month purchase warranty.

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