$129 Facebook Portal Mini Smart Video Calling 8” Touch Screen Display Drops To $79 At Amazon

Facebook Portal Mini Smart Video Calling-min

We’re more than usual at home and can’t go to visit friends and families as often as we used to. It’s bad, but at least at the end of the tunnel, there is some light. You can get your hands right now with a massive $50 off on Facebook’s Mini portal device. This allows you to pick one for only $79 now, down from the normal demand price of about $130. And you don’t even have to enter any on-page coupons or discount codes.

You can make and receive Video Calls via Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp via its 8-inch screen. You don’t even want to have a portal of your own – as long as they are equipped with a device that supports video calls via Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp.

Why not combine this thing with your Instagram account and use it as a magnificent 8-inch photo frame when you are not using this thing as a calling video? For all your contacts, too, you will receive things like birthday reminders.

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