$129 Apple Smart Battery Case For iPhone XS Max Drops To $78 Only

If you wanted the battery of your iPhone XS Max to last even longer, you might benefit from picking up the official Smart Battery Case from Apple. Right now, for the first time at Amazon, it’s discounted down to just $78, saving you over $50 off its regular price. Only the white version is available at this rate, although you could take off a black version at $27.

This will increase your talk time to 37 hours on an iPhone XS Max, while the Internet usage increases to 20 hours and the video playback up to 25 hours.

It was also specifically designed for use with the iPhone XS Max, which means it supports Lightning accessories such as the Lightning Connector EarPods, the Lightning Digital AV Adapter, and more. It also still works via the Lightning port of the case with CarPlay.

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