$10 Aukey USB-C PD Car Charger Allows iPhone & iPad Fast Charging

Every vehicle has some things, and one of them is a good car charger. If you don’t have a car with your current loader or if you have a car without your car, consider picking up this Aukey Dual Port PD Car Charger today for only $9.99 when checking out Amazon for a VHIVRUN2 coupon code. The discount of 50 percent is far from the usual cost of $20. Since shipping fees make this deal less stellar, use Amazon Prime to prevent them from spending $25 or less.

This high-quality loader is quite straightforward, but that’s not necessarily bad. They do what they are intended to do and they do it well. You can use it to charge your smartphone or other devices quickly and efficiently when you plug it into your car’s smoking outlet. With up to 21 W, the compatible devices can be charged as fast as possible from USB-power delivery 3.0 and Qualcomm-quick charge 3.0. The loader is also future-proof as a USB-C port and a USB-A port are also available. The design itself is relatively compact so that the existing dashboard or center console set-up is not greatly affected.

Note, it is better to keep only a charging cable in your car at all times to avoid misplacing one or even worse, forgetting a cable and having to buy an expensive crappy one from a gas station. I love 3-in-1 charging cable from Anker. It features a single, simple accessory with USB-C, MicroUSB and Lightning connectors, so it is perfect for the car because it operates on so many devices.

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